Is pain or immobility preventing you from leading an active lifestyle?

Whether it’s climbing a set of stairs or giving a hundred percent at work or with sports, physical therapy may be your solution. The solution may be a simple one that can be resolved through physical therapy. At Brunswick Physical Therapy, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation, look for flaws in how the activity is being performed and give insight into why you are having pain or difficulty.

Not getting the treatment time you deserve and need?

Then Brunswick physical therapy was designed for you. We don’t have clocks in our treatment rooms. We do respect your time and provide you with the treatment you need without watching the clock. Our founders started Brunswick Physical Therapy after becoming frustrated with the recent trend of trying to satisfy shareholders instead of patients. We truly believe that if we take care of the patient and make that our highest priority then the business will succeed.

"I highly recommend Brunswick Physical Therapy. They are efficient, pleasant and work well as a group. I have had great treatment with very good results."

- Anna R.

"Brunswick Physical therapy is a fantastic place to go for your needs. They are nice to work with and really care about helping you with your problem."

- Callie F.

"Everyone there was so nice and I really appreciate it."

- Jerry R.

"The staff is very professional and knowledgeable about patients physical therapy needs. I had no idea we had this kind of resource right here in Brunswick! I couldn’t be happier with my results!"

- Dr. Kathy Heinsohn

"Within 2 or 3 weeks my shoulder felt so much better. The staff makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend Brunswick Physical Therapy."

- John H.

"Bill has done a fantastic job returning movement to my shoulder. I can sleep again, drive and move my arm too!"

- Patricia P.

"I think I would go insane without you guys. You are always kind, patient, thorough and I leave feeling much better. I cannot thank everyone here enough for such great service. I love your group!"

- Shoshana K.

"Bill & staff are great! The results of my physical therapy are fantastic! I had complete right shoulder joint replacement and Bill’s physical therapy regimen has me back almost 100% in a short time! A wonderful staff…Highly Recommend."

- R. Stevenson

The doctor tells you “physical therapy is a must.”
But where can you find a skilled therapist you can trust?
Look no farther than Brunswick Physical Therapy,
The place to take your ache, your pain or your injury!
Equipment’s there for you to heal those miseries in time,
But it’s the knacks of pros that make your choice so sublime.
There’s Bill, Elva, Chris and Tiffany plus Aaron too-
Working as a team to relieve what’s bothering you.
And it’s you and your distress that they are all about,
Once appraised and tenderly treated, you’ll have no doubt.
So give yourself treatment for what’s been working on you,
Overcome those discomforts that have been making you blue.
Tell your M.D. and hear his-her assured reply,
Then make an appointment and give BPT a try.

- Charlie H.